Our Welcome Statement

Please note Salem is not an emergency shelter this winter. Please contact Julie Garcia, Executive Director/Founder at   Jewelshelpinghandsspokane@gmail.com (509) 281-7120 for more information on the Cannon Street warming center located at 527 S Cannon St.

As a gathering of the Body of Christ, we recognize that our world is a place of alienation and brokenness. It is also a place of beauty and strength. Christ calls us to lives of reconciliation and wholeness. We are challenged by the Gospel to be agents of healing within our society.

We affirm with the apostle Paul that in Christ “there is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female” (Galatians 3:28). Christ has made us one.

In light of our mission:

Secure in the grace God offers to all, we seek and celebrate God’s presence for the life of the world, beginning in West Central Spokane.

and because gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons and their families are often scorned by society and alienated from the Church, we wish to make public affirmation of the following:

that people of all sexual orientations and gender identities share the worth that comes from being created by God;

that people of all sexual orientations and gender identities are welcome within the membership of Salem Congregation upon making a common, public affirmation of faith.

Because people can become ghetto-ized in their poverty and in wealth, we

seek a future in which:

money does not determine the worth of persons;

all people have enough to live on; and

all are set free from “manna hoarding” to enjoy the abundance of

God together.

Because humanity suffers divisions of many kinds, yet is created by God and called good, we strive to

renounce violence in all forms

create a common life that honors the dignity of all persons;

share a worship life marked by many rich heritages and histories;

name and lament ways our society upholds racist practices.


Finally, we proclaim:

that all members, friends, and neighbors of Salem Congregation are encouraged to share in the sacramental life of this Body so that God’s incarnate grace can work in us to grow an inviting, accountable, loving and just future.



God welcomes all

Strangers and friends

God’s love is strong

And it never ends.