… beginning in West Central Spokane

We will not be meeting for worship this Sunday, March 15. Please stay tuned for information about future services and events as we learn more about COVID-19.

130 years ago, a group of Swedish immigrants planted this church. Over the generations, the congregation has recommitted to being a community at the corner of Walnut and Broadway in the West Central neighborhood of Spokane, Washington. We are two blocks north of the Spokane River, and two blocks west of the courthouse. As the neighborhood continues to change, we remain dedicated to living out our faith together with our neighbors of all kinds.

At worship, we gather around stories, songs, and signs of God’s grace in water, bread, and wine. God loves the whole world and all its creatures. God became human in Jesus and faced crucifixion and death for loving so-called unlovable people. God’s Holy Spirit has called us here, to this corner, to continue that work of radical love. Here we taste, see, hear, and sing this love of God so that we can seek and live it out all our days.

We are Lutherans by tribe, followers of Christ by baptism.

Our mission: 

Secure in the grace God offers to all, we seek and celebrate God’s presence for the life of the world, beginning in West Central Spokane.

Our staff:

Pastor: Liv Larson Andrews
Office administrator: Katie Rivkin

More about who we are:

We are part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and we are a registered Reconciling in Christ congregation.

7 thoughts on “… beginning in West Central Spokane

  1. Hello! My wife and I are members at Central Lutheran in Spokane. We are interested in seeing what one your prayer walks is like. Can you give us your schedule for these walks, please? Thanks!

  2. Hi Matt! Sure. We meet at the coffee shop across from Salem, Indaba, at about 9am on Monday mornings. Then we pick a direction and walk in a loop for about an hour, prayerfully paying attention to the neighborhood as we chat. We greet folks we see, etc. It’s fairly casual. You are most welcome to join us!

  3. I am trying to find my church of my baptism on july 9 1939 at a Lutheran churvh im spokane. William anderson. Was the pastor. I have checked with pilgtim Lutheran and it was not them could uou check the records of your church for arlene Patricia carlson. Parents were carl and ruth carlson

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